Know the Function of the Coordination System in Humans and Their Diseases

The function of the coordination system is to expedite body movements. When you want to do something, the cerebellum or cerebellum receives information from the sensory system, spinal cord and other parts of the brain. Once integrated, you can move as you wish smoothly, for example riding a bicycle. The role of the cerebellum or the cerebellum in you turns out to be very important. Although it does not cause paralysis or intellectual impairment, damage to the cerebellum can apparently cause a disruption to your body's balance, your movements become slower, and you can experience tremors or trembling. Coordination of body movements involves muscles, joints, and nerves. When you want to do something, the brain begins to command the muscles or limbs to go to, and then the function of the coordination system plays a role in smoothing the movement. In fact, a study states that a child who often exercise and actively perform daily activities, tends to perform more in school than ch…
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